Changing the Future . . . . has decided that it will be directing 10% of all sales to benefit the Iroquois National Lacrosse Team as they prepare for the 2022 World Games. Originally the International World Games Association had determined that
the Iroquois National Lacrosse team did not meet the eligibility requirements needed to be part of the World Games.  This original news was met with disgust from the lacrosse community. With a large outcry from the lacrosse community the World Games Association ultimately overturned their ruling. This gave the Iroquois Nationals the right to be part of the 2022 World Games. However, by the time this was overturned all available team spots within the bracket system for the games had been filled. All was lost until the Ireland Lacrosse club unselfishly stepped aside in order to make room for the Iroquois Nationals. The lacrosse community united behind this news.  So, until further notice will direct 10% of all sales to benefit the Iroquois Nationals, as they prepare for the World Games. is also supporting the idea of merging the Haudenosaunee Nation Women’s Lacrosse program with the Iroquois National program. believes this will ultimately further the growth of the game.

One of the core missions of LaxTribe is to give back to a culture that has given us so much.  10% of all sales will go to fund needs within three key areas.   Currently LaxTribe's three main areas of focus will be in defending treaty disputes, providing clean water supplies on reservations and educational needs within the Native American Communities.